Our Focus

Panthera Advisors is a premier M&A consulting firm. We specialize in creating value through our consulting on capital raising efforts or acquisitions for the best possible combination of price, terms and strategic fit.

We are former business owners and operators with a unique mix of deal-making know-how and practical, real-world experiences. Our solutions are driven by a passion for helping you achieve both business and personal goals.

It is important to note that we operate on capital raising efforts as consultants and we do not get compensated on the outcome of the transaction. In this regard we only receive flat fixed fees.

The tenacity and loyalty of our attention is our trademark. Every aspect of our approach is driven by the belief that 99% of success is execution. Therefore, we are serious about transparency and pride ourselves in a controlled process that achieves growth, maximizes value, and ensures your transaction crosses the finish line. All the while, we are steadfast in safeguarding confidentiality and avoiding disruptions, deal failures, and loss of trust. For the same reasons, we only work with clients with impeccable business integrity.

Our Services


Whether you are buying a company or selling your company, we are here to help.  We have the in-depth knowledge and experience to get you the best valuation achievable and make this process as smooth as possible.


As consultants, we have helped dozens of companies raise capital to achieve their growth strategies.  We will leave no stone unturned in seeking the best possible deal for you as the business owner.


We conduct thorough business valuations for owners, boards of directors and other third-parties.  We utilize multiple methods to value companies and will ensure the most accurate valuation possible utilizing best practices in the industry.


We work closely with entrepreneurs and business owners to evaluate all strategic and financial alternatives for the company.  We provide detailed and clear analysis of each financial and strategic option available to the company and help you make the right decisions.


Our modeling is best-in-industry.  We will provide you with your company’s financial road-map with a financial model you can use for years to come.  Our pitch decks are first-rate, originating from some of the most respected investment banking firms in the world.


Interested, but not ready to take the plunge?  Take one of our webinars or workshops detailing the necessary tools and methods necessary for you to do your own financial modeling, fundraising or M&A activities.

Our Experience

Our Partners, with more than 40 years of combined experience, have all of your bases covered.  We are former investment bankers, venture capitalists, M&A specialists, entrepreneurs, business sellers and book-writers.  We have all the expertise necessary to provide you the most comprehensive service available with the best possible outcome.