PANTHERA A Genus of Large Cats M&A/Investment Banking Growth and Liquidity for Your Business New York / Orange County With the Ability to Roar RESOURCEFUL. CREATIVE. THE BRIDGE TO YOUR SUCCESS. INSIGHT. EXECUTION. THE WIND AT YOUR BACK. TENACIOUS. TRANSPARENT. NO GOAL IS TOO AMBITIOUS.


“From a more focused, well-articulated pitch deck to deriving a thorough financial model, Alejandro and Mike were able to guide us step by step towards being well prepared for fundraising. Working with the combined entrepreneur and venture capital skill sets was of great value.”

Tim Bibby

VP of Corporate & Business Development at Aerium Analytics

“Alejandro and Mike have been fantastic to work with! Their deep knowledge of the fundraising process and hands-on approach, make them great advisors for any entrepreneur in the capital raising journey.”

Emanuel Roca Vaca

Cofounder and CEO at TiendaAmiga

“ Panthera Advisors played a major role in helping us secure our initial funding. We look forward to having Panthera Advisors continue the journey to a household name with us.“

Mathieu Schepard

Cofounder and CEO at PopDesk

“With the help of Panthera, we raised over $85 million. At the time of the announcement, this was the largest Series A financing to date in LATAM. The operational experience and strategic guidance that Mike and Alejandro provided during the process were instrumental to make this happen.”

JP Galvao

Cofounder and CEO at VAI

“Working with Alejandro and Mike at Panthera has been incredibly helpful and a real pleasure. What those guys don’t know about the investment process probably isn’t worth knowing. After all, they literally wrote the book on it! I highly recommend them to any entrepreneur who’s looking for help on their fundraising process.”

Jason Bullock

Cofounder and CEO at Numerous

“Alejandro and Mike exceeded our expectations by taking what we thought was a sufficient financial model and translating it in a way investors resonate with. They also challenged some assumptions and affirmed others, key to making our story and approach more robust.”

Alex Boone

Cofounder at Bruvida

“We will repeat our experience with Panthera Advisors. Alejandro and Mike are outstanding and devoted professionals with clear focus and knowledge. Since the handshake, they led our M&A deal guiding us through all the processes, from the financial analysis to the negotiations, showing a deep understanding of each nuance and high level of interlocution during the outreach. They managed each step on behalf of our interests making us feel confident and backed.“

Jose Luis De Federico

Cofounder and CEO at Bizpills Group

“Working with Panthera was an experience that opened our minds. Overall, it was great working with Alejandro and Mike as they helped us either with the strategic thinking of how to prepare our pitch deck in a simple way or with how to build a complete and complex financial model. They have been very supportive and available when we needed.“

Diego Chorny

Cofounder and CEO at ShopAdvizor

“Alejandro and Mike have been incredibly valuable advisors to our health tech business, particularly as we explore new funding and growth opportunities. I’ve enjoyed the experience and I’d highly recommend working with them.” 


Daniel Warner

Cofounder and CEO at MediSeen

“Having decided to establish our company in the US and open up for investors, Panthera Advisors with Alejandro and Mike, has been excellent in their professional way of maneuvering the process. Their previous experience plays a very clear role in how they deal with us as clients, each of them delivering on the field where they have considerable expertise. It is a great pleasure for us to work with them and they already feel like part of our own team. We look forward to continue the work with them as we move forward.“ 

Belinda Sousa

Cofounder and CEO Park Adventures Group

“Aside from the essential modeling and presentation; we got real-world, multi-faceted insight into what it takes to build success. Alejandro and Mike were never shy about sharing from their own experiences the things that would give us a real edge. This was crucial in helping me align our strategy and size up the kind of impact we would have on the market.“

Don Bahlman

Cofounder and CEO at I Open Innovations

I had a great experience working with the very experienced team at Panthera.  They knew exactly what we needed to accomplish with our pitch deck and financial model.  Alejandro and Mike are really nice guys too

Joe Jesuele

Cofounder and CEO at HomeJab


Panthera Advisors is a premier investment banking and financial consulting firm with offices in New York and Southern California.  Whether you are considering selling your company, raising capital or planning your strategic and financial future, we can help you.

With over 40 years of experience in M&A, capital raising, venture capital, strategic planning and entrepreneurship, our partners bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise from multiple perspectives.  This is immensely helpful to the planning and success of any transaction.  We work every project intensely right out of the gate.  Our partners are incredibly hands-on with each and every client.  Our insights, detailed planning and intrepid work ethic will help you maximize value and pricing and also achieve favorable terms and strategic fit with your transactions partners.

Our difference is clear.  We give you attention from the top – we do not leave you with junior associates.  Our experience is broad and vast, hitting virtually all of the angles and perspectives.  We pride ourselves in looking at every stone, every angle and then executing with pride and dedication.


We are your exclusive advocates and counsel – thinking about and working towards protecting your interests at all times. We are steadfast in safeguarding confidentiality, as well as avoiding disruptions, deal failures or loss of trust. We work fiercely to deliver optimal results for our clients, every time.

We understand the vital importance of getting all the details right. Our goal is to ensure our clients have peace of mind throughout the process, knowing that they are equipped with full transparency, independent advice and insights needed to make the best decisions to meet their goals.

“Integrity is doing the right thing. Even when no one is watching.“ – C. S. Lewis


One of our founding partners, Alejandro Cremades, is the author of the best-seller The Art Of Startup Fundraising. The book is published by John Wiley & Sons and includes a foreword by Barbara Corcoran.


The Art of Startup Fundraising

The Art of Startup Fundraising

Our Experience

Our leadership team has over 20 years of experience advising companies that have achieved breakthrough results.

Panthera Advisors is one of the only advisory firms exclusively focused on small to medium size companies. The experience and the results achieved over time gives us the confidence to thrive in such environment.

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Wether you are looking for M&A advisory on the buy side or sell side or requiring support with your fundraising efforts we are very happy to help. Get in touch with us today to coordinate an introductory call or in person meeting.