Increase your chances of getting funded

The Financial Modeling seminar is the perfect online seminar for entrepreneurs, executives, and managers that have limited financial background or would like to expand their modeling expertise.

In order to raise financing you will need to build a financial model. This is the perfect seminar to bring you up to speed and not only build your model but also gain enough confidence to be able to present it to investors.

By building these models and projections, you will be able to validate all your business assumptions and understand your key strategic drivers. Furthermore, having your company’s projections for the next 24 to 60 months can help you avoid catastrophic financial errors that could put you out of business.

Why you need this online seminar:

  • Most entrepreneurs and executives can not raise financing given their lack of understanding of their own numbers
  • Not having a clear grasp on your business numbers could lead to business failure
  • Having a good model could serve as an execution road map
  • Good projections and modeling are essential to getting bank loans


You will have the opportunity to network via our Slack community with other likeminded entrepreneurs

Fundraising Topics

Current trends and important topics you need to learn to be up to date.


You will receive assignments that you can do at your own pace

Group Coaching

You will be part of a small group during coaching sessions and you will have the chance to have all your questions answered.

Free Materials

You will gain access to materials that will be beneficial to your fundraising efforts.

Apply today in order to gain access to the ultimate online seminar on financial modeling for entrepreneurs.


Enrollment for the Financial Modeling seminar is currently open for April and May 2018. This seminar includes three live sessions via video conference in a personalized setting.

*Everyone will receive the slides and the recording of each session the next day in the event you miss a session or want to reference back to it.*

April Sessions:

1st Coaching Session – April 11th at 1pm EST

2nd Coaching Session – April 18th at 1pm EST

3rd Coaching Session – April 25th at 1pm EST

May Sessions:

1st Coaching Session – May 9th at 1pm EST

2nd Coaching Session – May 16th at 1pm EST

3rd Coaching Session – May 23rd at 1pm EST

1st Coaching Session - Setting it up to Succeed.

Why do you need a financial model?

Organizing and Planning my Model.

Determining the Key Business Drivers.

Setting up the Assumptions and Growth Factors.

2nd Coaching Session – The Work-Horse Sheets.

The Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement.

Valuation Analysis and Methodology.

Assessing and Modeling the Capital Requirements.

Modeling the Funding Strategy and Incoming Capital.

3rd Coaching Session – Summarizing and Displaying the Results.

Creating the Investor/Owner Returns and Outcomes.

Creating Sensitivity and Scenario Analyses.

The Importance of the “Dash Board”.

Charting & Graphing.

Pulling the Financials into your Pitch Deck or Business Plan.


Michael has a long record of advising, financing and building companies with executive experience in investment banking, private equity, venture capital, and strategic consulting.

As Vice President with Piper Jaffray, Inc, he executed numerous IPO’s, private placements and M&A transactions.   As a venture capitalist with Piper Jaffray Ventures, Michael raised $50 million in capital and invested in over a dozen companies, helping to oversee their growth and strategy.

Michael also headed the West Coast office for Riverside Company, an international private equity firm with $250 million in capital, where he led the acquisitions of companies on the West Coast and managed the financial aspects of their continued growth and success.

Earlier in his career, Michael was a strategic consultant with Monitor Company, an international strategic consulting firm providing business strategy and financial planning to Fortune 500 companies.

Michael is a graduate of Stanford University and has a Harvard MBA.

Why is Michael the right coach for you?

  • Over 20 years of experience providing advisory on M&A, capital raising and strategic growth.
  • Former head of West Coast office for a major private equity firm (Riverside) and former Vice President at top-tier Investment bank and Venture Capital firm (Piper Jaffray).
  • Extensive financial modeling experience includes companies seeking bank loans, VC, M&A, capital raising and business planning.
  • Unparalleled perspective and expertise in financial modeling as he has constructed and utilized financial models from both the principal side and the advisory side in dozens of industry sectors.
  • He will teach you how to create a dynamic and flexible model that will grow and adapt with the needs of your company and help you get the capital you are seeking.


Personalized sessions

You will have access to three group coaching sessions with Mike Seversen. Each session will last one hour plus Q&A

Access to the Slack channel

Access a Slack channel with a ton of likeminded entrepreneurs and executives who are eager to help one another


After each session you will receive assignments and materials that will deepen your understanding of financial modeling.


During the weekly coaching sessions you will have an opportunity to ask live questions specific to your business circumstances.


Knowledge is power. Once you receive your certification you will be in a position to launch your business plan and fundraising efforts and increase your chances of success.

Build confidence

By having access to all the knowledge you need you will build your confidence and that will come across during investor meetings

Is this program a fit?

Who is this course for:

  • Entrepreneurs with limited financial background
  • Entrepreneurs looking to put together a great business plan.
  • Entrepreneurs looking for financing.
  • Executives, CFOs and entrepreneurs with financial backgrounds wishing to expand their modeling capabilities and strategies.
  • Executives responsible for their company’s planning and/or fundraising.
  • Executives and entrepreneurs looking for bank loans.
  • CFOs looking to improve their financial modeling and budgeting capabilities for their company.
  • Aspiring financial analysts looking to improve their skills for hiring and/or promotions.
  • Investors wishing to better understand financial projections and see through the lens of an entrepreneur.


For those of you that are not able to attend one of the sessions you will be receiving all the materials and the recording the next day so that you don‘t miss a single minute of the course.


By signing up you will receive access to a curated channel that includes other people that are eager to help one another in the fundraising process with advise, introductions, etc.